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What flavour teas do we have?

Our first collection is only enough for you to try a different drink every day for more than a month... (well that's if you try them both hot and cold)

We are kicking off with 7 Milk teas and 6 Fruit Teas, and remember that you can be a Mixologist and try your own flavour combinations for an even tastier brew !

Milk Teas:

A flavoured fruit drink with an almost milk-shake texture, with a shot of green, white or black tea

  • Plain Pearl Tea - Assam
  • Plain Pearl Tea - Jasmin
  • Taro Pearl Tea
  • Coconut Pearl Tea
  • Almond Pearl Tea
  • Vanilla Pearl Tea
  • Cocoa Pearl Tea
  • Matcha Pearl Tea
  • Mocha Pearl Tea
  • Papaya Pearl Tea

Fruit Teas:

Pure Green, White and Black Tea infused with fruit flavourings

  • Mango Green tea
  • Passionfruit Green Tea
  • Strawberry Green Tea
  • Apple Green Tea
  • Ginger Red Tea
  • Kumquat Red Tea
  • White Peach Green Tea

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